Pre- Feel The Rush


Move Quick
Don't be slow

Welcome to the profile of 'Feel The Rush'. We are a group of super active and experienced players. Most of our exeprience comes from the Dutch server. We are top 20 players. Our alliance will be max 20 players. Everything is going to be dicussed. So no leaders bossing you around.

1.0 You want to be a member?
Do you want to join? The meet the following requirements:
* Be active, like 4 hours of sleep max.
* Use the forum very active, skype is less important.
* Be experienced, and prove that.
* Work as a team.
* Have a stock of Red Bull and coffee.

2.0 Pacts
The world just starded. It would be a waste of time to talk about pacts. In the beginning we won't have a pact. Who should we farm then?

3.0 What can you expect from us
* Assistance with attacking and defending. But.. We aren't going to defend.
* Simple, en clear forum.
* Nice and experienced players.

4.0 Recruitment
Small change that you can join us. But, if you are insane, don't sleep, and are experienced you may have a change.
Fill in the form below. And send it to this forum account.
* Active

* Experience

* Why should we let you in our alliance?

* Age

* What can we expect of you?

* What's your goal at this world?

Why so serious?
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The "Why so serious?" quote at the end makes me wanna hunt you down and kill you. Such an unbelievably overused quote. :mad: :p
It was fun for about a week after the movie... lol

Anyway, on topic - good luck with your alliance! :)



Come on, I want you to do it, I want you to do it. Come on, hit me. Hit me! -The Joker

Thanks ;)
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