Power Rankings Week 6

Tyler Derner

Power Rankings; Week 2; May 7, 2014

1. The Rebels (--)

2. Futurus Sanguis (+19)

3. Black Sails (-1)

4. Killshot Alliance (--)

5. Unsullied (-2)

6. Section 8 (+5)

7. The Exiled (--)

8. Ourobros (+4)

9. Swindled Souls (+7)

10. 13th Legion (-2)

11. Ermagherd (-6)

12. Age of Gladiators (-6)

13. Undertakers Empire (+2)

14. eBLANs (--)

15. 13th Legion Gemina (+6)

16. Saints 2.0 (+5)

17. Aphrodite's Fury (+4)


19. Drunk Empire (+2)

20. The Black Hand (-1)

Most Improved: Futurus Sanguis (+19)

Weeks in top spot:
The Rebels-5
Age of Gladiators- 1


You have FS as number two? Because Kipper jumped ship from another alliance and went back to them? (Let's see thats Aweshock to FS to IB to FS)....Let's see what happened there...Aweshock got shocked and merged into FS. FS got blasted and players left (except Steel and KBO really) and most of those players joined IronBound and its babies. IB was destroyed from the top down this weekend. So tell me again why FS is number 2?

demuus rex

katt is right. NO WAY is FS #2. I hope my quitting didn't leave the impression that they were any good. I was just too far away from my alliance-mates and they outnumbered me 21 cities to 3. If I had expanded on the 5 islands around me , I'd still be playing. as it was, I held them off for quite some time, all by me onesies.
Section 8 will crush FS.


every week this is what happens "my alliance is better than so and so" based upon what? cause youre in it?