Post Your Wall

Joseph Nieves

So bp ended a few hours ago for some people. That means some fighting should be going on. Lets see how day 1 is going for everyone. I will start it off, while I am actually 30th in bp lol

[table="width: 710, class: outer_border"][tr][td][b]City wall[/b]
[img][/img][/td][td][img][/img][/td][td][img][/img][/td][/tr][tr][td]Defeated...[/td][td][/td][td]Losses...[/td][/tr][tr][td][font=Courier New][b] an attacker (282)[/b]
[/font][/td][td][/td][td][font=Courier New][b] an attacker (88)[/b]
[/font][/td][/tr][tr][td][font=Courier New][b] a defender (883)[/b]
[/font][/td][td][/td][td][font=Courier New][b] a defender (111)[/b]
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