Polis Search



You are looking for a town to conquer or to farm? You want to know whos inactive in your environment? You're interested in the distance to your alliances and privat pacts? Then you're just right at the Polis Search!

The Polis Search is the ultimate tool for searching towns by different criterions.

Link: http://polissearch.marco93.de/us.html


Town filter:
Set an amount of points which the searched town has to have.
You also can search for town names, multiple names just seperated by commas. Moreover you can exclude names by setting an exclamation mark in front of it.

Player filter:
Here you can specify the owner of the town. Similar to the town filter you can search for players by entering one or many names in the filter and exclude players with an exclamation mark. You can also check "no players" so ghost towns will be found.
Based on the gain of points and offensive bashpoints the Polis Search analyses the inactivity of the player. You want to see whos easy to conquer? Just search for players who are inactive for a few days.
There are some advanced filters, too. So that you can search for the maximal points, the maximal amount of towns and the id of the player!

Alliance filter:
The alliance filter is like the player filter. You can look for specific alliances or for towns of players who aren't in an alliance. In this filter you can insert multiple alliances or exlude them, too.
With the advanced filters you can set how many points and members the alliance should have at most.

Island filter:
With the island filter you can set whether the island should have farming villages and which the plus and minus resources should be.

Area filter:
Of course you're not looking for towns in the whole grepolis world but as best as possible in your environment. To specify the place of the towns there are three possibilities:
- Sea: You can set the Sea
- Area: With two x and two y coordinates you can set an area to be searched in.
- Distance: You can choose a maximale distance to coordinates given by you.

To show the results in the order you like you can choose between the sorting by points, by town names, by inactivity of the owner and by the distance to coordinates.

You're still not sure if its the right tool for you? Here some examples of use:

Player looking for towns to conquer
I'm looking for a Polis with at least 6000 points in my environment, whose player is inactive for 5 days or more.
At the town filter I insert 6000 in the points filter and at the player filter I set the inactivity to 5. To see near towns first I choose order by distance and insert the coordinates of one of my towns.

Ambitious alliance leader:
I'm the leader of an alliance and want to know whether there are inactive members in the alliance.
I insert the name of my alliance in the alliance name filter and order by inactivity.

I hope you like it!

Sincerely Tonda


I think the whole site is being revamped or something. I found it on google, but it still won't open.
-so down for the idea though


Tonda's webhost has some problems but he is working on it.


Yes the site was down for a while, but now it should work again.