PnP-Chemical Spill


There once was an alliance named Chemical Warfare


They look like a pretty good alliance

images (1).jpg

I join them, and after 2 days I left

images (2).jpg

They were SOOOOOO unorganized!

images (3).jpg

I went to war with them and a new alliance I made

images (4).jpg

Right now I am winning in the kill count

My kills-10 catapults, 50 hops, 10 transports

My deaths- NUNCA!!!

Look at my profile for proof

They have 1 groovy guy in the alliance that I like, 1derboy.


The 1 good people in the alliance, that I respect and is actually STRONG. I will not attack him, for he is a boss, but the rest of his alliance will be gone.

(I got some rhyming in there!)



Haha, I always thought you were funny. All you did there was talk. You never did anything. Plus didn't you just try and take one of their cities and got shut down??? I'm pretty sure because I supported that one and not a single bireme was killed, which probably means your a noob who just sent transports with no LS or we have hundreds of Biremes in there. I'm going to go with answer C, both. You are a noob that sent no LS and we stacked the city. thisisgrepolis

Nice try with the PnP, but no. You have to be able to follow through with it.


1. I never sent a no-LS attack, they sent it to me.

2. Where did they go in the rankings? I influenced there top 2 players to join me in Family.


disband i guess.i left before that but i thought some joined your alliance.remember?after all it was yesterday.
who are you again?never heard of you. :)
and that member your talkn about was as new as its gets when he attacked you with no ls lol.those are the stats your bragging about?1 noob attack?thats it?oh and by the way that member is now in your alliance lol
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1. I never sent a no-LS attack, they sent it to me.
Hmm, then you must suck dude. Sorry, but don't brag when you get shot down. Thanks for the free BP though! Maybe Family will teach you something as I know there are some good players there. That is if you have the patients to listen yet.



2 LS exploration attack, havn't you heard of them?

Experienced players (such as myself) us them to see what their harbor has.