Pleading for mercy


Considering how many people play on this server, this is the worst case scenario for a forum. Every,once in a while (i mean like maybe once a week) I check the Pi forums and not a single update or new post is added. My alliance forum is more alive. And for the love of god, can we get some different drama up in here? I mean, i feel like just starting some trash just to hear something else. And no offense, i am tired of coming on and the only thing i find is 2 Kazakhstani knight souding people engaged in some wildly unintelligible medieval fantasy battle.

Can we please get a mod or convicted Grepo-citizen to re-engage in the top 10--this time lets not scare away the person willing to do it ***.

Mercy, Mercy! Can i get a bump?


I thought draqone's post about the WoG vs RES war was pretty hilarious