Player's Council Term 2 Winners Announcement

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    Baudin Toolan

    Jun 20, 2012
    Dear community,

    On May 13 we concluded the elections for the members of the second term of the Grepolis Player Council. We would like to thank everybody who participated in the in-game elections and of course also all volunteers who announced their candidacy to make these elections possible.

    Please find the final results for the US language version below:

    Total number of players participating in the elections: 2466
    Total number of players abstaining/invalidating their vote (none selected): 786

    The following candidates have been elected/confirmed and can therefore proceed to join the local council for the US language version:

    1. gorsh.daddy - 935 of votes (37.92%)
    2. morg - 848 votes (34.39%)
    3. HMZephyr - 744 of votes (30.17%)

    We will contact the elected members in the upcoming days in order to grant them access to the respective forum section. As soon as that is done, the next task for these elected candidates will be to determine their members for the Inner Council.

    Thanks again for taking such great interest in the second elections for the Grepolis Player Council. We're looking forward to a good cooperation with all elected members!

    Best regards,
    your Grepolis team
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