Peacetime and ww


Hmmm... Thank you for bring this to our attention.

I will ensure the Community Manager is made aware ASAP


Please review the announcement by the Community Manager.


Yes. We all see the announcement. Now.. I am disturbed that it took so long to come to a decision. While i know you guys have to ,weigh all options and opinions, on such matters, this should have been decided before all the posts about not having one. It was decided to not have one. Then it was ok, we are having one. What you need to understand, is many in WW's planned for not having one. As was stated previously. This puts many loyal players, and "Payers" in a bad situation.



Apparently now we're having peace, despite the previous communication. So even though my team has a 40+hour lead on level 9 of all 7 wonders. The enemy team is going to get to catch up for free.

So the setting of alarms to get up in the middle of the night for the last 10 day's is 100% irrelevant. As i'm sure you can imagine, this is beyond frustrating.

People say they hate wonders as an endgame. I actually disagree. I think this game is all about activity and commitment. Wonders are, if nothing else, the biggest test of an individual player and teams commitment to this game.

For the life of me i cannot understand how you can knowingly negate all the effort an hard work my team has put into the win. Like i said, we have a 40hr+ lead on level 9 but cannot push the button to start level 10 wonders thus allowing the next couple days for the enemy teams to level the playing field, not through hard work, only by blind luck.

Had we not been told there is no peace, naturally we would have adjusted our strategy and at least gotten another wonder building.

I simply cannot believe this. It's unreal. If you wonder why its the same people playing servers over and over it's because things like this are chasing us away. I know that many of my teammates will walk away and never look back if we are going to have our wonder efforts watered down, and we're not shy about spending gold.

Something has to be done, thank you for your time and consideration


Ya see!!! Even the Mods know the "Flip way". You Shamers will get what's coming to you one way or another. Thanks Medi. Flip owes you one. Have a great day


What in the world is going on with Grepolis????? This is BY FAR the biggest blooper that I have seen on this game. Was this NOT thought out by the administrators? This HAS to be corrected, otherwise you will see a MAX EXODUS from this game. A 40+ hours ON LEVEL 9 LEAD ON ALL WONDERS, and for what????? Great way to SPIT on your few loyal players.

Correct this NOW!


This is the worse move Grepolis has made in awhile and that is saying something! We have worked our tails off filling the wonders just to give it all away because you won't let us start the wonder? Peacetime is fine but don't interfere with us winning the world with this move. Change this decision and make it right for all the hard working Grepolis players that support your worlds year after year.


If you are gonna have this peacetime, do a freeze on the wonders (no building, no accels, no resources, no ticking down of already started wonders). Very disheartening to see this happen once again. Pretty sure i have seen this in another world during the holidays as well.
All interactions with wonders are blocked.


and many leads are erased....say there is a 24hr lead and you cannot hit start ww build, the alliance 24hrs behind is allowed to bring it to a tie on that lvl

at minimum all ww timers should be paused

there is no defending this

All interactions with wonders are blocked.


The best option it seems is to do a universal freeze on wonders over peacetime. This is a major problem Inno should have considered before doing a peacetime decision. If this is not changed I will not be playing this game again. There are many threads on why this game is becoming worse year by year. This level of incompetence would be a last straw for me. Ironically, this peacetime affects 3 alliances of over 100 players who pay and played this game for years. I wonder how many players will leave like myself if this is not fixed.


There is a legal concept called 'Tolling' which effectively stops time for various activities while they are being contested. It seems to me that a similar concept should be used in this case.

Since strategies were designed once the announcement was made that there would not be a peacetime, this change to have a peacetime should allow wonders to age through.

It's probably too late, or too difficult to change the game code to allow the wonders to age through peacetime, but it should be possible for the developers to reset the completion times to reflect the 30 hours of peace time, and let existing and new builds proceed normally. So wonders can be started, and accelerated until the start of peace time, and whatever time is left at that point will be set to have the same time when peace time ends.