Peace Time Rule Change


I take issue with one of the rules for peacetime and want to see what the community thinks.
  • Town foundings during peacetime are not blocked because there is no battle involved in this process;
Domination time is extended and conquest is not applicable during peace time but founding still is? That doesn't seem right that the top domination alliance who is in last stand cannot conquer cities, has to wait a longer time to win and may potentially lose their lead because other alliances are still able to found. Granted the top alliance can still found it just seems like a silly rule to be in place for Domination worlds in "Last Stand".

Joseph Nieves

That is nonsense, someone obviously lived there before we colonized. Definitely drove them out in battle, therefore town foundings can't happen during peacetime.

The founding would be fine if it was only allowed on non-Dom eligible islands I guess. Really don't see why founding is treated differently though. A city is a city.