P&P : Now this is the Story!

All about how my life got flipped turned upside down and I'd like to take a min so just sit right there, I'll you how I became the light of everyone's world ;)

*Que Music*
In the land of Oropos, spawned and grew, attacking everyone in sight is what I did most with my time, killing all gaining BPs making cities all was cool, when a couple of guys asked me to join, Then OD started having me run OPs for them, I got fed up with doing all the work so I got with Blue and said "let's ditch this dump and start our own team!"

We ditched out and left and started NN, but we noticed that we shared some area but it was cool, we thought "hey hey they'll be good!". Then, they, started a war we were killing all and then they threw a fit saying "Sunvaar is the devil" and it just wouldn't quit! So we yelled "Thanks for the cities!", then we looked at our new kingdom with smiles on our faces :)

Then, everything changed when the rats attacked....

Knowing full and well that if we killed OD, NN would also become "unkillable" and Rats would have a BIG problem. So they played smart and took us out while we were still small and fully into OD.

But, to surprise, the infamous rats MERGED OD into their now 4 way alliance because even they couldn't really beat down OD like NN could!! Amazingly though, NeedCoffee and Kmicic became "friends" or really was it more because of attacks they couldn't handle like this:

Anyways, then came the clashing and slashing of words as the West went off on Sunvaar telling him how he's "like, so not liked like gahhh". But then Sunvaar said hey hey it's a game even though you suck let's all use fairplay! But that wasn't the intent as people tried to get ole Sunny in trouble and out of their heads. That didn't work so then the alliance chimed in and attacked him from all sides I jjust couldn't win! ;)

Now yes the Sunshine has moved to the east now but let's all remember the sun rises in the East, and sets in the west. I'm alive and well and coming back so mark my words you sorry emotional kids who need safe spaces, there's none to be found from god ole Sunny so you better not rest ;)


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can we get a new award for the player that builds the most CS's and one for the player that kills the most CS's. cause i want to vote scott of beer alliance for the first award. he deserves it. LOL
RATS! They're doing it again.. Fight each other because one side got more cheese and doesn't want to share. Where's Tim to settle this??

Rim Rats has conquered 110 cities from Slack Rats and lost 79.

^courtesy of Oracle
Pandas have eaten 319 bamboo of rim ratts.
Rim ratts have eaten 417 snickers from pandas.
Hammocks have taken 218 salmon from beer.
And beer have drunk 187 sodas from pandas.
It's a joke MT calm down lol. Tell you what though, with how many cities you're popping up in in our area, you might as well make it official and just come on over already. We all know you want to leave rats and be part of the beer crew
Oh and it flips again!

I find out that Trixie is working with Mayhem, Panda and NeedCoffee, expose her for the spy she is (And I have proof) and guess what, I get the boot and now it's a "kill sunvaar"! hahahahaha

Typical that those that want me dead, can't do it in a fight and have to lie to everyone about me to get me to "go away" hahahahahaha

BTW, Congratulations Rats, with everything that's going on in the Beer Alliances, and the head leader being a puppet of Mayhems' whom which both his team and Pandas will ghost the Day WWs start (Both have confirmed that with me), YOU have just won the world.

Might as well crown them now MODs Because beer is going to drop massively within the month once more of the truth becomes known and the light is shown. :)

Good fighting to all in Rats though, I definitely appreciated the fun.

Side Note: I'm not going anywhere. I'll be finishing out the world