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As the new wiki mod, I am going to be working on getting the wiki updated in the next couple of months, but I need your help. If you see anything that needs fixed, please create a thread about it so I can work on it. Thank you!

I submitted this to support, and the mod who replied asked me to post this here:

Several players from my alliance received a ban. At least one said he was informed it was for using Mole Hole tools, which they were told were permitted on the EN server but not permitted on the US server. Funny, but that is not your wiki page:

Updated List of approved scripts
Below is a list of all approved and forbidden scripts. Each of these scripts have been reviewed by the Product manager for Grepolis, if you do not see a script on the list that you wish to use please either submit a ticket or on the forums. The same goes if you have any queries regarding any of the scripts on the list. Under no circumstances should you use a script without it first being approved. Thank you for your co-operation.
Approved scripts:
Quack toolset - A useful collection of tools and tweaks all in one script.
Back button for player profiles - Allows you to go back to the last players profile you were looking at.
Attack alarm - Sets off an alarm when you receive a new incoming attack.
Report Converter - Converts a report into BB Codes, also includes several other small features.
Transport calculator - This script calculates how the remaining population should be distributed and whether transport ships or land units should be destroyed.
Time calculator
Offline tool - A collection of tools such as a map viewer, travel time indicator as well as more.
DIO Tools
Mole Hole
Forbidden scripts:
All scripts for the game which are not listed above are not allowed, and the use of such will lead to penalties up to global exclusion from the game.

Under the discussion tab, there is this comment:

uh, shouldn't this page be updated? there is a whole new list of approved scripts --JKP3nt 00:35, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

So the information on that part of the wiki page is outdated by as much as 6 1/2 years? It is obviously outdated, because Mole Hole tools are not approved for universal use. And when you click on a link to try to find an updated list, you get an error message.

And the header on the page is UPDATED list of approved scripts.

A while back, I submitted a ticket regarding an attack. I felt that the number of troops sent in an attack, and the buildings that were in a city, exceeded the maximum possible population. I cited the math I used. Somebody contacted me and told me the numbers I was using were all wrong, and asked where did I get them. I told them: the wiki.

So obviously the wiki contains erroneous information that has not been updated, possibly for years. Meanwhile, tools are being developed on a weekly basis. In trying to abide by the rules of this game, we have to rely on information provided to us by the game.

Then this happens: players get banned because they are relying on information that is out of date by possibly as much as 6 1/2 years.


And you insult the players you have banned in the process.


And there is no indication that there are different rules for different servers.


You can pass this up the food chain until it reaches the last person who is willing to read it and ignore it.

But please, update the wiki, or completely disable it and require players to submit tools for approval.


I fixed the issue regarding mole hole on the approved scripts list. I was not aware the script was prohibited on US.