Out of Chaos (O54)


My name is DavidCrane and I am a founder of Out of Chaos alliance.

We are friendly alliance located mostly at O54. We really respect our members and can provide support to any of our players if needed. We put pressure on communication and cooperation among themselves and keep our friends close to us.
We are ambitious and determinate to be number one at this Ocean. Our alliance is based on democracy so everyone is important any any suggestion are considered.

Who we are looking for?
- active players, it is necessary to be online often
- ambitious players, this one who want to be on top
- friendly players, located close to us
- it is good if you like donuts as we like :)

If you feel that you can be part of us, please write to me and we could consider you. Before apply make sure you are located close to us.
Thanks for your time, feel free to contact me anytime I will be happy to write more about us.


I don't understand the part about donuts... Nonetheless, be careful and have fun.


One of our member very much like donuts and we had some fun about it :) this is what is the game about to have fun.

mr godsword

It sounds like in this they are an alliance that has a lot of people applying and they might consider letting you in, while in reality they have 4 different guys send you messages and invites to try and join the alliance :\


Some of their members are one my island. Should make good farms in a few days.

See ya boys soon!