Oropos Pre-World Discussion Thread

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Honey Badgers:
All vets and all from the original HB crew.
So far 20 +/- depending on world make up.
We are NOT an MRA.


Difficult choice, I really hesitate.. For those who don't know me, I have led AngryBaguette In Coming. I have already won 4 wonders, one as diplmat, one as founder, onse as simple player one as leader. As you can imagine, I'm french, 15 years old (that's not a problem for me). I think I will see if I can organize a crew around me. Add me on Skype, I'll be glad to discuss with you.

Skype : Youshey.Lillard
IG: Dame Dolla



If the world setting are good, I will be here....interested in aggressive premade. No MRA's. I am currently #6 ABP on world 56. Been playing since this game first came out in 2009.
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I'll be there with Beer's Revival - small group of people who played together in Farsala and Helorus. If anyone needs a home with experienced players, feel free to ask!
Not open for further replies.