optional attack / defense animation


This would be a nice setting that could be turned on or off.

I never understood why Grepolis development teams could not make a fun 5 second animation for attacks and defense attacks that could be posted along with the reports. I would bet that there might be 50 total scenes that might need to be designed x 5 seconds = 250 seconds total.

1) Nothing is better than destroying a harbor and also destroying the enemies slow and fast transports. It happens often so why not have a 5 second animation that shows the slow and fast transports being smashed.

2) Second to #1 but just barely is stacking a harbor with biremes so high that enemy attacking transports are destroyed in the harbor on the biremes drowning all the attack units (OLU) falling into the ocean. That would be a fun animation to watch.

3) Attacks that smash the defenders walls and / or building with city hail. How sweet would it be to have an attack animation showing your catapults hammering the walls and / or city.

You get the concept. Posting these sort of animations in forums or messages would be very fun for the alliances and friends to see.