Omicron Newspaper is now Released! (issue 1)


Bringing you the news of Omicron, right to the externals! You get information on whats happening, top 12's, a specific player and his alliance, alliance leader and founder interviews, If this doesn't make you happy, then you are out of luck! :(

Enjoy the newspaper​

Omicron Events/Wars

There has already started a war recently between - Spartan Order - and The Spartan Brotherhood. Zoolo's first attempt in this war was attacking the - Spartan Order -'s founder. The founder did not want to take a chance on fighting back, who knows what the next war attempt might be!

We shall see some leaders points of views:

Torgaddon from Astartes
Q: What alliance's performance has surprised you the most?
A: Honestly, so far the alliances are faring more or less the way I pictured or thought they would. I've seen small surprises from different alliances and players but nothing that really stands out. With that said, maybe the biggest surprises probably came equally from Libera Te Ex Infernis and The Evil Empire; I won't discuss exactly what about them makes me say that or why but those are two alliances that will have interesting futures.

COD MW III from Astartes:
Q: What in your opinion makes a sound alliance?
A: An alliance that has active players who support each other and do not have intentions on their own success.

Zoolo from The Spartan Brotherhood:
Q: When considering pacts with other Alliances, what factors weigh in most before you consider them?:

A: I look to see if they're active, and if they are in my alliances ocean

Omicron's Top 12's

Top 12 Alliances:

Libera Te Ex Inferis
The Evil Empire
- Spartan Order -
Amazing Harmony
The Weeping Angels
Monty Python
Bear Clan
55 Native Coalition
King Kong​

Additional Credit to: Tyler Boyd


I could of just looked at top 12 in game.. would of been nice to see something more then a copy and paste that was centered. Nice first try though I supose. A for effort!


Not bad, could use more details (maybe less interviews about yourself & alliance) , colour, and maybe some pictures.

Rising Legacy

I sure am glad that there's another newspaper on this forum ehuehuehue.

I dunno, there's a distinct lack of news really. Interviews yeah great. But you've rushed this and thus there's nothing there that's remotely interesting barring those interviews (which I'm assuming were done by Tyler Boyd). Your only news article besides that is that you attacked spartan order. There's a lot more happening in the world than that but you've decided to focus on yourself which is sad really.

If you decide to do a second edition then take note that you need more news articles. There is plenty around if you put the effort in.

the legionaire

This has got to be the first time I've ever seen someone interview their self for a publication...


Well, alliance questions, the intro, and I'm not even reading the rest were directly from my paper in Eta. Sad I wasn't even informed you were using my old work.


What's even worse, this is even more biased than Aweshock's newspaper on Iota...


No no, not the point. Let's stay on the topic that certain pieces of my own work were used in this paper, without my permission. >_<

I will think over writing a paper for another world, as it seems kind of cool. :)


No no, not the point. Let's stay on the topic that certain pieces of my own work were used in this paper, without my permission. >_<

I will think over writing a paper for another world, as it seems kind of cool. :)
Well if he did, then it means that your content is awesome. So you should be proud that someone uses what u have done, also OP should be thanking you if he did actually used some of your content.


Copying is the greatest form of flattery they say. Alass he should still try and add some improvements


Good start, but you need more! More news! And pictures, I like pictures.


I don't play this world, so I actually expected something to be in the newspaper that would give me more than some information I can look up on Grepostats as well. A grepolis newspaper isn't about getting it out as fast as possible; it's about having a quality, worth-while piece of work that people can enjoy reading, which gives an insight into the way of events of the world for those that do not play on it, without any biased opinions in it (neutral point of view).

I must say, it looks like you put about 15 minutes into this and then put it up here. I'd rather wait 2 months and have a post that keeps me busy for 30 minutes, than having a 2-minute read every 3 days or so.

That's just the opinion of some guy that's been playing since .en Alpha though...;)


Keep an eye out, another Newspaper is in the competition in addition to...