Oh, Brother Magazine - Volume 1

Rising Legacy

Oh, Brother Magazine
So punny you’ll be groaning for years

Welcome to the first edition of Oh, Brother Magazine written by Rising Legacy (Nate) and ShadowMelik (Ben)! This will be a weekly/fortnightly magazine that takes all rules of a newspaper and urinates on them.

In the first edition you’ll see interviews, a rundown of the top 6 alliances, threads and posts that have caught our eye and a short discussion between the two of us on how the world is looking right now. Don’t look away now cos here it comes!

Interviews of the Week
First up we have an interview with Akelious of…whatever they’re calling themselves!

[spr]Ben: Hey there, normally I'd send a more formal message but as you get along with rising I'd imagine you aren't too bright :p

Just wondering whether you'd like to answer a few short questions for the magazine me and Rising are putting together?

(Ok maybe insulting you shouldn't have been the way to go around it, but I stand by what I said!)

Akelious: lol sure ;)

Ben: Ok thanks :p

Following the recent merge between Astartes and Gon Lurn Today, big things are going to be expected from your alliance. How do you feel your leaders and fellow members will be able to live up to expectations?

Akelious: I'm not in this world to live up to their expectations.. Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own expectations, and ours are very high.

Ben: Currently your alliance name is undecided, what can you tell us about the naming process? Feel free to leak a couple of the names mentioned.

Akelious: The naming process has been hectic, our skype room is like a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off. We've already had two separate votes with a list of about 5 names in each, to name a few... Hung Like Horsemen…The Rush... United Turtle Coalition... Savage Sloths... Psyche!... Raging Squirrels... lol it goes on a bit so we'll stop there.

Ben: Rumour has it that you are the love child of Rising Legacy and Smilodon, what can you tell us about this?

Akelious: I always wondered who my parents were! Love you mom and dad! Now I know why i'm so dang good at this game, kinda makes me a prodagy of sorts! :D

Ben: Hahaha xD thanks :)

Anyway I heard you wanted to go sleep so I won't hold you any longer :p


That’s dedication to the interview right there. Good show Akelious!

Next up we have HOJO2013 of Amazing Harmony

[spr]Ben: Given your position on the map, many players are predicting that a war with Avengers is on the cards. What can you tell us about your relation with them at this time?

HOJO2013: Well, we're already in the war with Avengers, Today they attacked our city and siege but failed. On the response of that, we declared the war. Currently, we're engaging in the war against Avenger.

Ben: Remarkably you have managed to keep recruitment fairly tight, with the majority of your members sharing two islands, was this intentional and can we expect to see you expanding in the same way (an island at a time) in the future?

HOJO2013: That was not intentional, but strategical movement. In the future, we'll expand it island by island, if possible.[/spr]

Well that was…informative.

Now we have one founder of Monty Python (SACRILEGE!!!)
[spr]Ben: The main question on our viewers minds at this time is most definitely with regards to your alliance! The questions on everyone's lips is just how long will it be until Monty Pythons inevitable doom? Are you able to give us an ETA on this?

Blastnu: Lol, well it is a MRA , I will try to hold it together for at least a month. looks like we have some active players,thoses who arent active will be moved out. The name will be changed soon. Before the points start to matter but once it's changed no turning back. Maybe we will suprize some people I know there is one good one out there with a lot of familiar names that will more then likely be dominate for awhile so we will stay down here let them have the core .

Ben: Haha not the reply I expected, thank you :)

What steps do you plan on taking to turn your alliance from what others consider a bad joke into an actual contender?

Blastnu: I guess the the only thing you can do with MRA just keep filtering threw the noobes and inactives give some guidance to the noobes that are active and hope the vets you allready have can get the actives up to speed befor the big boys come head hunting.[/spr]

Well who knew there was a way to leave Ben momentarily stumped? Need to take some lessons from this guy.

Finally we have CobraKai of LMFAO (the alliance, I don’t like my rear end detaching from my body).
[spr]Ben: You have been unfortunate enough to end up sharing an ocean where both LTEI and The Evil Empire have a considerable presence. What is LMFAO's stance with these two alliances at the moment and do you feel the current war between the two of them could factor into your plans?

CobraKai: We have a good relationship with TEE. I don't know much about LTEI other than they seem to have recruited quite a few. Bigger than we are comfortable with. We like to know who we are fighting with. I played with several of TEE players and know they are skilled and can handle themselves.

Ben: Recently you have colonised several cities in your area, Would you be willing to share a little behind your alliance's decision to do this?

CobraKai: There was definitely a reason for this but not one I would care to discuss.

Ben: There are whispers that many of you are old friends from various EN and US servers, would you be able to confirm just how true this is?

CobraKai: Whispers or rumors? LOL We have played under different names in other worlds, some many would know. But that is our little secret. Let's put it this way: Not our first rodeo. We are all very familiar with each other and know each others skill levels. It's a huge benefit knowing who has your back.

Nate’s Top 6 Rundown
1. Libera Te Ex Inferis
Good points, nearly double that of - Spartan Order - who have almost the same number of players. They have a solid average, already have conquests under their belt and on top of that their ABP is already over 20k. There are rumours of some internal issues, but Ben has informed me that this is untrue so bang go those rumours…*sighs* I hate my job sometimes.

2. The Evil Empire
A higher average than LTEI with less members, they've come out of BP in the same manner as LTEI by the looks of things, although with seemingly a little less effect. LTEI and these guys have apparently started scrapping already so we'll soon see which of these two alliances are more solid. With less members though The Evil Empire have got their work cut out for them.

3. -Spartan Order-
There's always a Spartan alliance somewhere and we've been blessed with two of them in this world. Apparently they're both at war too because apparently Zoolo doesn't like people doing a similar thing to him. Being honest their BP isn't great right now, so hopefully we'll see that get better, otherwise they'll flop like the usual spartan alliances often do.

4. Amazing Harmony
Laaaaaaaaaa...please excuse me. These guys are interesting in the sense that they're the only other alliance besides LTEI who are in the same position on all the rankings boards at this point in time (ranked 4th). With 45 members they are considerably smaller than the likes of LTEI and -Spartan Order- but have managed to show their mettle in the BP department. If they can push more with their aggression then I can see these guys lasting for quite some time.

5. The Weeping Angels
I can see why they're weeping. I would be too. That average is quite poor and their ABP is below that of a 20 man alliance. At least the alliances above (mostly) have something going for them. These guys just...don't. I can't see them lasting unless they get their rear ends into gear.

6. Monty Python
Sacrilege. MRA named after an amazing and historical comedy. Get out. Just....just get out.

If you don’t like what I said then tough. My opinion is fact and if you don’t like it then go back to school.

And now a word from this week’s sponsor!

Willy Wonka’s smile, gets me every time LOL

Sadly we’re down to our final part of this magazine. This part will normally be reserved for Q+A with ourselves but due to this being our first volume we will instead be discussing something a little out there. By out there we mean 2 alliances out in Ocean 66, Rising Flame and The Reckoning.

[spr] So Rising Flame are ranked 15th and have got a grip on the top of O66 but only 1 or 2 players on each island. They do have some players isolated somewhat further south which could be worrisome. Their recruitment looks reasonable, having only brought in maybe 10 members who've not made the cut.

The Reckoning meanwhile are ranked 18th and have a very firm grip on mid-west O66 and towards the center, with a much tighter hold on their islands so far, suggesting perhaps better recruitment than Rising Flame at this point. This is further amplified by having just 46 alliance changes compared to 42 members at the time of writing this.

For both these alliances the BP ends mostly between the 24th and the 26th, so there's still time for growth and preparation, and certainly time for anticipation and speculation (oh the number of '-tions'). Both have built reasonable foundations which are adequate enough to put them into the top 20 alliances already, but can they build upon that?

It's around the middle that the two alliances meet so it'll be interesting to see how the alliances cope with that when BP ends. Will the two go all out to try and destroy each other? Or will they follow O65 and make love, not war? Only time will tell, but these guys are certainly going to be two alliances to watch for the time being, even if they're slightly off radar.

That’s it from us. Let us know how we did and +/- rep accordingly. If you have any questions you’d like us to ask our next interviewees or even for us to answer ourselves in the next volume then please feel free to post them on this topic or PM us in game or whatever (if posting on this topic then please mention who the question is aimed at so that they can reply appropriately).

Tune in for next week’s volume of Oh Brother Magazine!
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nicely done guys. i particularly like the fact that you paid attention to some of the things not going on in the core. while the core is easier to talk about and generally more entertaining, there's always an alliance that comes out of nowhere and at least threatens the more established groups later in the game. nice to know who they might be.

- The Juggernaut -

I am the Juggernaut and I approve this message. ;)
Great job!

Lord Tyrion Lannister

Very nice, big improvement over the other newsletter. I like the multiple interviews and analysis of alliances.

Rising Legacy

hi guys brazilians team here on omicron!!!!!! Do u are ready?
Not sure how relevant your post is but I'm sure we'll have something to write about if you make an any kind of an impact on the server.


nicely done guys. i particularly like the fact that you paid attention to some of the things not going on in the core. while the core is easier to talk about and generally more entertaining, there's always an alliance that comes out of nowhere and at least threatens the more established groups later in the game. nice to know who they might be.
I know you have to be referring to us lol

Great job on the paper
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Very nicely done, looking forward to more like this...
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