Official Milestones of Heraklion


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Haha. We've got our own little portion of the rim, WICKED's got theirs, Chaors has theirs and you've got yours. TDR & Suspects have the core, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. 35 is pretty weak and 34 isn't too strong either, I could see Suspects going that way and taking a nice chunk of rim themselves. And which battle were you talking about deth? If it was the second one where Mofo and I hit you guys, there was no 1k biremes there, I only sent about 70 LS and took out 108 birs.
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don't remember which one it was but i know by end of battle alliance gained between all our defenders over 12k worth of defense battle points from it and our snipe of the cs was also successful. and yes exile i am curious as to where the direction of this world will go it is getting quieter that i have noticed think a lot of people jumping ship to other servers

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Guess no one cared enough to keep this updated lol. Would be nice to see it filled out


Fine, then I claim first to 500,000 BP's

Now it is first to 1,000,000
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