Offering gold?



Is there any online way to offer gold to a player? My son is playing, but he doesn't stay at my place. Is there any "Grepolis Gift Card" that I can buy online and give him? Or can I use my Visa card to buy gold but make it goes in his account?



Z Fire

You can open another small account from your existing visa account , with a small limit (50$/300$). You can do this online at your bank.
Add your son as a user. You will get new cards. Have them mailed to your address. Have the bills mailed or emailed to you.Have the
new cards from reducing your present balance. You wont have to raise your credit limit. You give him the card. You can remove him
as a user or cancel the card at any time. Then he can buy gold in the grepo game. This is one way.


Another way is to buy a Visa Gift Card with the $ amount on it, and then mail him the card. But this can't be done online. I was looking for something easier. enter the player name, the credit card information, and voilà :-/