Hey guys my name is Chris and I'm residing in O55. I was wondering if anyone else in O55, or better yet anyone specifically near me (in-game name is same as forum name), wanted to start a serious, selective, and aggressive alliance. I don't mean one of the oh-too-common "selective MRA" alliances, where there are several very good players surrounded by a bunch of significantly less experienced and less committed teammates who happen to satisfy a certain point minimum, thus allowing them into the alliance. Especially due to the small alliance-cap, this is the perfect world for a close-knit, cooperative group of players to take over and run over all of these "selective MRAs" and their sister alliances. What I am proposing is an actually selective team in which every player interacts with every other team member for the one common goal of the alliance. Now for the record, I have no specific desire/need to run an alliance, or be in control, etc. I'd be just as happy having no title in an alliance as described, I'm just tired of settling for alliances that don't meet my ideal standards. If you are interested in anything I have said, pm me in-game and we can discuss things further. Looking forward to (hopefully!) some responses. Regardless, thanks for hearing me out.

The gameplay when you are playing with only a select few, active, cooperative, and aggressive teammates is sooo much better than just being a member in a normal "selective-MRA".

:::Can't stand the thought of being one of 80+ members in a "selective-MRA" with sister alliances. I'll either find like-minded players to form an aggressive, elite, selective, small, and closely-knit alliance in this world, or I'll just leave it after getting rimmed.
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look at our alliance legio vi vitrix clmoreno.... we are east 55 and we got killers..... message me in game if you would like to talk some more....


I feel you. An alliance of 20 people that is run well can beat an alliance of any size.