Not getting eggs in event Tril of The Slingers


I don't know if its a bug or working as intended but i am not getting a single egg from event trial of the slinger from past 6 days which is in contrast with getting 21 in the first 5 days in 15-22 attempts which i usually do.I know that the probability of getting the eggs decrease as u get more. So i calculated it.
1.It came out to be nearly~3.23e-16. which is next to zero(assumed similar rate of getting eggs as in first 5 days)

I know as the probability of getting eggs decrease as u get more so i reduced it to 1/3rd of i was getting in first 5 days
2.It still came out to be nearly~0.0000265. (assumed rate of getting eggs to be 1/3rd of usual in first 5 days)

I know it may be intended or pure hard luck but still if any1 can look into it that would be gr8.

  • World: US62- Thebes
  • In Game Name: Geomancer
  • Have check the known bugs list: Yes
  • Have you cleared your cache and cookies: Yes
  • Have you tried a diffrent computer/laptop/tablelet/phone: No
  • Have you tried a diffrent connection: No
  • Full Version or Mobile Version: Full
  • Browser and Version: Chrome
  • Overview of the bug: I am not getting any egg from past 6 days in event trial of slinger.
  • How often this occurs: ?
  • Work Around: ?