No Tgiving Break i was told, total BS

I was just in contact with support and was told there is no Holiday Thanksgiving break, this is complete BS and is why Grepo is going downhill every yr. I have played this game for yrs and loved the fact that they do this for the players shows INNO cares, not doing this is a bad look and honestly needs too fixed.... I am petitioning my whole world to message support and flood with messages. As someone who has a family having a break is great and 1 reason why I liked this game..



@Al the Conqueror The information that you were given by Support is correct there will be no Peacetime during Thanksgiving, I can only apologise for any inconvenience.

Please there is no need for you to spam the external forums.



Too be fair, I think the two posts are warranted in this case. One for a more broad reaching response to the masses, "off topic" and one correlating to the players he plays and against with on Herm.
I agree Zeek this is clearly something besides myself have an issue with and is consistant with the topic.... I urge everyone here to break all servers....

FYI players of HERM agreed to a break from Wednesday night 2000 until Friday at 2200 on our own ty for caring INNO....