Nicaea Chronicles Issue Five

Nicaea Chronicles
November 19, 2016​
Issue Five​

Table of Content:
  • Top 12 Alliances
  • The Story of the Oceans
  • Wars
  • Tavern Rumours

Top 12 Alliances
Tommorows Lunch Special
Read the RULES
Wanna Build A Big Wall?
Bobby’s BBQ
Tommorows Lunch Special.
New World Order
Toxic Bunnies
Snipers INC

The Story of the Oceans

  • Caliber has conquered 8 cities from MOUNTAIN WARRIORS and lost 0.
  • B.B.O.D. has conquered 5 cities from Toxic Bunnies and lost 0.
  • Relentless has conquered 8 cities from Tomorrows Lunch Special. and lost 3.
  • Relentless are not holding very well against Deimos. They ve lost 15 cities and taken 2.
  • Bobbys BBQ has conquered 7 cities from Toxic Bunnies and lost 1.
  • READ the RULES has conquered 6 cities from Deimos and lost 3.

Tavern Rumours
Welcome to the Tavern Rumors, where everyone drinks, parties, and spread rumours. Around. Some rumours are true, some are false. It’s up to you to decide whether they are true or not.

  • Caliber has overtaken Tommorows Lunch Special in the rankings
  • Read The Rules is now Order 66
  • R.H.Stogus got rimmed again.
  • Relentless has slowly fallen in the rankings
  • Rim alliances are currently under the radar but will be a driving force within the next 4 months.

That’s all folks see ya next week!
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Would like your take on the top 12 in the next article :)

and o34 and o46 are not showing up

Glad you are keeping up with this, though. good work
This world lives its own life. Of forum worms can't write what is happening in it. As for the numbers, so it's all temporary and not always objective, especially as the evaluation of events and the chances of any Alliance.