Newspaper News Times: Gela Edition ~ First Issue

Sir Hardly

News Times
By Sir Hardly

Today's Issue:
  • Quick Update
  • Interviews
Quick Update
Welcome to the first issue of News Time! Let's get throw to it! So... What's the world settings? The world settings are the following below:

World Speed: 2
Unit Speed: 2
Conquer System: Conquest
Morale: Disabled
Alliance Limit: 60
Beginners Protection: 5 Days

At the moment, the world is 2 month old, but there's many alliances that are trying to
takeover the core oceans. For now the rank looks like this.​


At the moment, Strom Dragon Reborn are leading in this world but let's see how they're doing at Ocean ranks.​





Now that we have the idea how the world looks like, let's go throw the interviews.

Rhymes with Hay
[SPR]What are your thoughts of this world?

What worlds have you played in the past? Are they successful?

What's your relations against Strom Dragons Rebort?

Why does your alliane keep on changing their name?

Any last words before we end the interview?


Brotherhood of Minios
What are your thoughts of Storm Dragon Reborn in Ocean 55?

Have you been in any past worlds?

Any last words before we end the interview?

I interviewed other alliances on the rim has well​
More Players
What are your thought of this world?

Are you planning to expand towards the core?


Polyatomic Ion

What are your thoughts of this world?

What do you think of Storm Dragon Reborn?

Are planning to expand towards the core?

I hope you enjoy this issue, has it's my first one and not sure if I done it perfect. Feel free to +rep if you like it. Next issue will be release next week.​
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I like it, +rep.

I do have some suggestions though:

  • Try to give more insight in the state of each ocean. Just throwing out the rankings at us without any explanation whatsoever is really frustrating. I really really really wanted to know more about what happens in the world :D
  • You said "At the moment" too much (especially at the beginning), try to find synonyms to make the reading easier
  • You wrote "has" instead of "as" several times. Same remark as above, good spelling makes reading easier :)


Thanks for the work you put into this post Sir Hardly, really enjoyed the read!


Senior Citizen
Sir Hardly, good on you for taking the time to do this.
Next time, I'd recommend talking to the real leader of name changers......TheGrepKraken.
You'll get much less hyperbole out of him.


Player's Council
I would like to see a lifestyle section. Maybe horoscopes and an advice column. Like "Ask AD". I can get you started
"Dear AD,
I'm being pressured by a certain Kracken to give up Favor. No matter how many times I tell him I'm saving myself for wonders he doesn't seem to understand. How do I make him understand that?
Thank you,
Favorless in 43"