Newbie questions


Is it possible to take over cities here? I started this game a few weeks ago on a revolt world and thinking that my city was going to be conquered, I started a new city in Hyperborea since it said colonize only but recently realized my city could still be attacked. Is there another way to take over cities in this world? If not then is there something else that replaced city take overs?

Also, if city take overs don't exist in this world then is it still important to join an alliance ASAP?


Hyperborea is no conquest. People can still attack you, they just can't take your city. In order to gain new cities you must colonize on another island, which requires a Colony Ship.

As for joining an Alliance, that's optional I would imagine. It'd be useful to join one for the sake of keeping your walls intact and your soldiers alive, but it's not a necessity.

I don't play this world so not sure how aggressive people tend to be in regards to attacking one another. Nonetheless I hope I helped a little.