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"Troop Movements". What and where is that ? And what is listed there ?
Put simply, troop movements, show the movements of troops. There are a few different ways to see troop movements. If you have administrator, you can click on the pyramid with the eye in icon, it'll bring up the overview, if you click on the second tab it will show movements. Or again with administrator, you can click on the swords the glow when you get attacked and it'll open them. If you don't have the administrator, on top left of screen, there are three icons after the those swords, the middle one is your troop movements.

And also, so what your saying is Support landing on the same second as a attack will work correctly as intended support ? Or will not work as intended support ?
Depends on what you wanted the support to do and the order it arrives in. The order in troop movements is the order it will show up in.

If you are being attacked and you want to defend against it, and support shows up after attack, then it will not defend you.

If you are attacking someone and your support arrives before the attack, your support will fight your attack.

It seems odd to me, you'd think they'd look up and go "Oh, you're wearing the same uniform as me." "Yeah dude, we are from the same city." "Ok, let's not attack each other then."
Agree with you, it does seem odd.

wouldn't it be wisest to make sure everything (support, attacks, etc..) arrived early, and early equal to the max amount of time the Anti-Timer is allowed to offset things ? Therefore you will know you will at worst arrive xx amount of time early. At best, you arrive on time. No ?
I usually keep a slow trans in each of my cities. I try sending first lot off close to when I want attack or support to arrive then check the arrival time. If it is showing up at the wrong time, then I will try again with out the slow trans and play it safe.

How does the support's "help stats" get calculated into the event ?
They calculated in the order that they appear. So if you had and attack, then support, followed by another attack. The first attack would not fight the support, but the second one would.
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Thanks for these answers. Dang, how do you know so much about this game ? lol I feel like a person almost needs to be a wiz in calculus to properly defend or attack in this game. Kinda convoluted.

So ultimately the big picture is:

To defend, support needs to show up early. For support to help attack, show up after the attack.

Now, are there time limits to the how early and how late the support can arrive ? As in, can support to help attack show up 5 minutes late to a attack ? 5 hrs ? 5sec ? (and Vice versa question for support to help defend). Like what is the mandatory bracket of (late/early) time I can fall in to still have it initiate properly ? The early part I get for defense support and seemingly there should be no "too early" of a arrival for that to still work, but if battles only last not even a second, then how does support to help attack, arriving after the attack (like it has to) even work ? Won't the battle be over ? How does the game calculate the help getting there and attacking if the battle is already over ?
Sorry, I should have phrased that better. Sending support after an attack applies to conquest attempts only, you wouldn't do that for other attacks. As Sigma is speed 2 world, after colony ship hits, then it must be protected for the next 12 hours (longer if democracy is researched). The reason it will need support, is because if anyone kills either all of the naval or all of the land units, then your colony ship will be sunk and siege will be broken.
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Next question.

When breaking a siege (or having your siege broke), does the siege breaker need to eliminate all of BOTH land and navy units to break it ? Or only all of one of them ? And if it is only one of them, is it either one ? Or does it have to be Navy ? Or has to be Land troops ?
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Either all the land, or all the sea.
Thanks for this extremely valuable info MCP. I don't know why this information to this exact subject isn't more readily advertised, as this is pretty important. I was always under the impression you had to wipe out everything to break a siege. But for some reason, tonight I just got the random idea to ask, is it possible you only need to kill all of one... haha, Glad I did.

Now that I know this, my strategy is gonna change. This is big info man !!! If you think about it, mathematically it is pointless to try to break a siege by sending both troops and navy... that just spreads your power too thin imo. Makes more sense to see whats there and then assess that to what your alliance has available, and then concentrate ALL power on one, not both. In turn this should double your chances of breaking it.

As usual you came through with some priceless info, thanks again :)