new to the game and lost, lol


Hello, I am new to the game and would like to know how I could find an Alliance who is willing to teach me and help me grow. All the ones I look at have no description, How would I know if they are active and helpful? I am in 2 worlds Selymbria and Olynthus


you are in two different types of world's conquest and revolt ,first thing is pick one or the other first or confusion may set in


They are two different ways to conquest an enemy city. You can play both or just one, but it may be confusing as both requires very different strategies. Please note that there is a wiki that can be found, although it may be a tad outdated.

To over simplify and give a quick rundown,

Revolt- You send a revolt attack to a city and have to break the land units to put the city into Blue Revolt, then 12 hours later the city will go into Red revolt that last for another 12 hours. During Red revolt, you have to clear the land AND sea units and successfully attack with a CS.

Conquest- You send out a CS that has to clear both land AND sea units, thus putting the city in-siege. Then you have to defend the city for 12 hours. If either your land OR sea units are destroyed, the siege will stop and you will have to try again.

Typically in Conquest you will always need defensive units to take a city as half the fight is clearing the city with offense and then the other half is holding the city with defense. In revolt you have to only send offensive as you only have to worry about clearing the city twice. Of coarse you will need defense to protect yourself in both styles as you get 12 hours in revolt to get ready to protect the city from a CS.

If you have anymore questions let me know :)


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Activity, communication, and city networks is key in this game too! If you're looking to get started, I hear 'Revolt' is an easier approach, as it gives you an extra 12 hours to defend against an enemy gunning for one of your cities. However, I personally like CQ/Conquest because it's more dynamic & involves more timing/strategy. The best defense, is well timed offense.

Goal for newer players: Learn how to move your troops and snipe w/ them. Timing is key in this game, and there's a factor called an 'anti-timer' mechanic making it a bit harder to time.

You can fight a good fight for 4-6 hours, but when you don't tend to your cities, 1-2 weeks worth of troops can be lost within 15-20 minutes. Intel is key, so the more you attack, naturally the more intel you'll receive. (Also look into index'ing tools, and other tools like GRTC to make maneuverability easier!)