New Guides Portal


Hi there folks,
One of the things that the team has been focussing on lately is the Guide Portal.
The wiki had about 8 guides on it last week, only a few of which were actually any good which, given the wiki's main aim is to help newer players, seemed completely wrong to me.

We have spent rather a lot of time taking guides from the forums and other sources and adding them to the wiki.
We then created a layout that we hope is easy to navigate and makes some sense.

That is the main portal page where you will find around 30 guides, broken down into 8 categories:
  • Beginners Guides
  • Farming Guides
  • Offense Guides
  • Defense Guides
  • Premium Guides
  • Strategy Guides
  • Forum Guides
  • Leadership Guides

Clicking on the guides will obviously open that individual guide's page, however if you click on the category title (e.g. Beginners Guides) it will open this page. Here you will find information in each guide such as who the author is, our description of it as well as a rating.

We hope that you like this new layout! As ever, all feedback is appreciated.

Your Wiki Team

And if it was one of your guides that was stollen- Thank you!