New God: Apollo



Apollo is the god of light, sun, medicine, healing, archery, music, poetry, culture and much more.


Apollo Lyre.png

Captivation: Enemy troops are captivated by the melody of Apollo's lyre and are moved to return home. 15% of attacking units return to their city.
200 favor

Target Practice.png

Target Practice: Apollo teaches the art of archery to the population. The selected city receives 5 archers.
65 favor


rsz_3400878fa97de01c39295d923c16b0e9 (1).jpg

Remedy: Apollo tends to the wounds of the courageous hero injured in battle. The hero of the selected city is restored to full health.
300 favor



Guiding Light: Apollo guides your army by piercing light through the dark clouds. Troop movement speed is increased by 10% for 6 hours.
200-250 favor



Boreads: Boreads are the winged sons of the God of the North Wind Boreas. Sworn enemies of the harpies, they blow their enemies away with their powerful winds. (Ranged flyer, strong blunt defense)
15-30 population. 90-100 favor.

Python: Python is a monstrous earth-dragon which is extremely powerful. It is armed with sharp fangs which pierce with ease. Python strikes fear in its enemies, even when it dies. (weak to distance, good vs sharp, strong against blunt. Also a good attacker)
40-50 population. 250-350 favor

(perhaps wasn't the best image showing Python dying lmao)

Thanks to Redhood2HL, Valoiz, Dragon II and Shadow for the assistance.



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There are many more ideas I have. These are just ones I believed made good sense considering what Apollo is the god of, his backstory of the Python etc.

I tried to ensure the spells would be balanced and usable. Favor values, % values and population values are all up for discussion. These are just ideas.


Imo the favor cost for the 5 archers should be more like 65-70, as Athena's Patroness is 60 and 5 random units, not just 5 archers.
Potentially. One chariot is 50. That’s why I chose 5 archers for 50. Roughly same pop. Maybe 55 would be an option but pretty sure all spells are multiples of 10. 50-60 seems reasonable.