New Eta journal...:D


Release Date:It will be put up in a week from now.^^

Reason of this post:Im publicizing it so anyone that wants to make part of it can.Whatever people are good at and if they want to help out, i will take it gladly.(except if they are only good at eating others people dognuts...)

News paper rules:There will be no bad words.It will be 100 % grepolis related.It will only state facts and it will not be opinion driven(so everyone can read it with lightness of heart):-o
News paper features:It will have comics, games, an horoscope section, the Eta regular news(top 12, and such)...and so on.

News paper name:It still doesnt have one.If the members of Eta want to chose it, i will be very happy.\:-o/

How often will we be getting it:Once a month so everyone can have time to do stuff if they want...^^

Also, this will be a comunity news paper that aims for fun. And everyone that wants to become part of it, will be credited.^^