NA Players where you at?


Calling all NA players

Im tired of all these top premades coming from EN Servers (or russian, although they seem to enjoy bots;)) and figured its time we NA players cause some real shit. Im looking to start a predominantly NA roster (it will likely be mixed) or join an existing Premade alliance that is looking to drop in the next conquest world(EN SERVER).

Looking for active players - gold is a bonus (please atleast use advisors) who use alarms and want to compete with the best. Hugging is boring so don't expect it..

If this peeks your interest, or you have any questions - (i ONLY play on EN servers, and you can look my up there) feel free to PM me on the forums or add me on discord! (i also have skype if that works better - just shoot me a message on the forums and we can set it up.)
DISCORD: Jive#4528


Unfortunately, the US (NA) Grep community is pretty much dead. Just look at the latest world that has been open for weeks now. It has just 380 active players and 72 inactive players. I would bet 30% of the players in Nagidos are there only to sell resources for gold in other worlds as well.

That means in the USA, there are less than 300 people that are interested in playing Grep at this point. The country has over 330 million people so that is a penetration of .0000909 % interest.

Why has it declined so much in recent years in US market? Likely the gold market addition making it a game of players with unlimited time to gold farm in worlds vs players with extremely deep pockets willing to pay for obscene amounts of gold with money. The $40-$50 / month player is now gone as the gold they buy is less than the unemployed, students, etc... can generate through gold farming and also far less than the deep pockets of the big gold buyers who spend several hundred dollars a month.

Just one mans opinion though.


I think that's pretty spot on. Honestly, it may be time for NA players to take things into their own hands and organize some sort of larger play before the next world.

I'd be all for trying to get together a list of NA players who are active and don't wimp out and quit worlds early and then try to divide up teams before the next world opens and decide beforehand on an "East vs West" map where half the players choose oceans on the east side and half choose oceans on the west side.

That sort of coordination would at least help prevent some of the huge sweeps we see in other NA Worlds. All you'd really need is like 40-60 committed players to do it. That's a 20 vs 20 game East vs West, and those Pro players could help train new people along the way.

I think it would make the game more fun and WAY more competitive. I'm sure the premades who think they're good at this game because they can join a world with 30 players in their alliance right off the start will probably object because it would mean breaking up their monopolies, and they'd actually have to play the game on fair terms for once. But I think it would be a cool way to approach the game AND would be a way to train newer players and get them interested in playing. Its way more likely that new players would return if their first game experience isnt just them getting rolled over by a premade group of pro players.
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