Myths about game moderators and their motives for moderating

I have been hearing a lot of misinformation about the motives and practices of the moderation team. I thought it might be helpful to some to explain what is going on. I hope my colleagues don't get upset at my speaking for the group.
  • Myth 1. Mods are playing the worlds they moderate. False! Mods are not hired until they are scrupulously vetted for game knowledge, game behavior, cheating, etc. No moderator may mod a world he or she plays or has played in the past.
  • Myth 2. Mods ban for political reasons or to help their friends. False! I modded under Daedelous, left the game and I am now modding again. I don't know what happened while I was gone, but I do know that when I have been on this team, no Mod is banning for any other reason than to try to get a handle on the cheating. All bans need a great deal of documentation of pertinent data and is frequently reviewed by more than one mod before going forward.
  • Myth 3. Players who spend a great deal of money don't get banned. False! We don't have access to that information, and as I said above, we have to have a great deal of data which we document in order to ban.
  • Myth 4. Mods are cold and indifferent, hence the canned responses. Once again, False! We care more than you realize. The canned responses are the best way to communicate to you what we are able to divulge and keep us from making nasty grammatical errors, or saying things that are hard to understand. Just because we don't tell you much, doesn't mean there isn't much to tell. We can't tell you more because of privacy rules protecting players, and rules that prohibit us from telling you things that would ultimately give too much away allowing the general public the ability to cheat.

Every member of the moderation team cares deeply about the players who are playing the game. We want you to have an enjoyable experience. We want to eliminate cheaters and make it a safe place for all players. We have a steep road. While there are some better tools to detect some of the cheating, the browser environment by its very flexibility, is a perfect environment for those who want to cheat. Unfortunately it is what it is. When I became disillusioned by the game, I went looking for a better one. I found 4 total online pure strategy games with this type of structure. 2 of them belong to Innogames and they are slicker an better thought out than the other two and have fewer cheating issues than the rest of the field. I found thousands of online rpg games where cheating is not as attractive, but this strategy field is very limited. Innogames is brave to even offer this genre

What keeps me going is that I firmly believe that 90% of the players are honest, and generally interested in playing a good game. The other 10%, well I have a few bannable words for them and I like being a moderator, so I will keep them to myself.

Queen Alcmene

Sorry, I was only talking about the US side. I keep forgetting about the EN side....LOL....since I haven't played on that side. Forgive my lapse in memory.


well its not a myth if it just happened, "myth 1" was broke recently with a mod playing a world with a different account than what they mod with. You can say it is against the rules, but to say it is a myth means it never happens. And we all know that it has
well its not a myth if it just happened, "myth 1" was broke recently with a mod playing a world with a different account than what they mod with. You can say it is against the rules, but to say it is a myth means it never happens. And we all know that it has
Ummm.. Let me clear this up for you my friend:

MODs, when they actually play in the game, are never on their MOD account name (for example, Pluto, won't be playing in game as "pluto". He'd play with a different account name). The MODs that actually play in the game, "lose their rights" (in a phrase) and their MODing capabilities are suspended for that world. They're just a normal player like you and I.

They do this for a few reasons:

1) IF a MOD entered a world under their MOD name, we'd see people purposely try to take them out (or defend them) and even cause drama over it. Thus, making the game unplayable and unenjoyable for them. It's not fair to them as everyone deserves a chance to actually play.

2) If they entered under their MOD name, people would report stuff to them directly in game. Creating many conflicts of interests and even causing temptation for political banning and such from that Same MOD. So, in playing under a different account and their rights suspended for that world, they cannot do this (now they can still politically report but cannot ban).

The US MODs that I know did shady stuff were mostly from Gen 1 (Daedalus' time) and are gone. Some even did in gen 2 (CrimsonBlue's team), but so far Gen 3 (As far as the US MODs are concerned), they have not broken these rules nor done any political banning/reporting and such.

If you're talking about something entirely different, please clarify then for us