Myonia Rumor Mill


The externals have been a bit dead lately trying to spice things up more :)

So what are the rumors going around Myonia?

I guess I will start. Let me say I don't know if this or true or not, its just a rumor.

I heard through the Grepolis grapevine that one of the leaders of Hot Mess/Dumpster Fire has big upper body muscles but tiny chicken legs. Not the fat juicy chicken legs you really want to eat. Chicken legs you look at and say OMG how does that chicken stand up there no muscle down there type of chicken legs.

Just FYI:D

I also heard the Evil Squirrels are constantly looking for nuts for some reason. So warning to all other alliances HIDE YOUR NUTS!!!!!!


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I heard that Kings is a balding Russian spy, any truth to that? I'm sure it's at least half true.


Wow. Your grammar has improved so much Kings : ) We knew those hooked on phonics CDs would pay off eventually.

Rumor has it that Quality Over Quantity is loosing a few cities to Dumpster Fire's Hot Mess.
all i know she really is loves me......remember i am a russian skype so i need to fit in!