My unluckiest defeat

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I am here to tell you of my sad tale.
It was June 1st and I was gearing up to take my third city. I had already cleared this fellow and I sent my CS to conquer him. I timed my BIR and DLU and got them 8 seconds after my conquest (Darn +10/-10 seconds). I was feeling pretty good, and I counted down the time for my CS to land at the city.. and success! 0 lost troops :D... Then the craziest thing happened, I was attacked. No, not by a snipe or his allies, but by a random player looking to conquer the same person.
Screenshot (1).jpg
EDIT: sorry for the bad photo, it was just circling that I lost 200000 resources for 372 battle points.
This attack was 4 seconds before I pulled my offensive troops and my 100 bir landed. I love Actium
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I did the same thing to raintown 2 days ago.

Guess what comes round goes round.


I would say this is pretty unlucky. More unlucky than getting rimmed right out of BP. That's just bad planning on your part.
Thats not what was unlucky. What was unlucky was spawning on a Unsullied/Kingsguard base island.