my sigma account

Timm Cali

hello guys i am posting this here because i cant figure out where to post it :p i log in to my account for the past day nowand when it logs in it opens like usual yet any time i try clicking any buttons or interact with the game at all it does not respond. for instance i was getting ready to conquer a city and was discussing it with my aliance heads so i have been recieving messages but i can not open them. i have clear my history cleaded the cache etc my web browser works fin but i can do anything on all of my world sigma chi tau epsilon and phi is it my computer or was i like banned or something with out knowing it? please message me thanks

i am thinking of giving away my account just so it wont be wasted if this problem cant be fixed
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Please do not double post.

It seems like some technical problem on your end. Try to follow all the steps listed in this thread.

From my experience, it might be a problem with javascript, your adblock or your antivirus (in the case you accidentally tagged something ingame as malware). Try to disable all browser addons and/or another browser.

Best place to post things like this is under the bugs section of the forum. However I think instead of posting, it maybe best if you opened a support ticket and spoke to one of the mods. They will be able to help out and resolve the issue.

I doubt that you would have been banned without knowing it. As you wouldn't be able to log in and you would have received a message. Also bans tend to be applicable to only the world that you committed the infraction on.

Have you tried accessing the game using a different browser/computer/phone? It maybe possible for you to get on that way.