Multiple CS Question


in the FAQ it says...

What happens if you send 2 colony ships?

It makes no difference how many colony ships you send. The second ship will simply land, then turn around and head back home you will receive a report about your troops having Tea and cakes.

But a long time ago (and I even opened a ticket on it) I sent 2 CS to attack a city and the 2nd CS killed the first CS... there was NO TEA... and NO CAKES :(

we were talking about that tonight and I think (looking for verification) we might have figured it out... the city I was attacking was a ghost city... so while if you send 2 CS's at a player city and the first one lands... the 2nd will just pass through... ... ...

if you send 2 CS's at a ghost city... since it is not owned by a player and the first one lands... then the 2nd CS will attempt to destroy the first one?


I've never played conquest worlds but in revolt the first CS would take it and the second would bounce with a report about visiting in peace time


I thought when the wiki said that it was talking about 2 CS with the same attack


Ya I sometimes have sent multiple cs's, you just get the tea time report lol, and it bounces.


They changed the visiting in peace time, so you will attack your first CS with the second on all cities (ghosts and those belonging to active players) and could potentially sink your own CS. This applies to all attacks hitting, not just conquest atttacks.

One of ours opened sup ticket about this a few weeks ago after he busted his own siege. The reply was:

Thank you for your query. What you are describing is not a bug. You are able to attack your own siege. This adds another level of difficulty to planning and executing a proper conquest.

Superunknown I'm not sure if that also applies to revolt worlds too, as I have no idea which changelog it was on but the chances are they have changed it on those worlds too.


That wouldn't add a level of difficutly, it would remove a layer of defending.