Mortis Profile Pic Competition


Post your favorite Mortis Profie Pics here. We'll be picking a winner towards the end of the summer.

Don't forget to win you must....

  • Tell us why you chose the profile pic
  • What makes it better then all the others
  • What song best represents the pic


That's the alliance profile pict!
Sorry king. That image is disqualified. You followed none of the rules.

It's not mortis
You didn't say why you like it or why it's best
you didn't list a song that represents your pic.


Who's next?

Your Reckoning

awe so sweet! Honestly i thought the song would be more like a "Hell Frozen Over" rather than a song like that. but to each their own.
But i would like to thank Dreams for making it! and Cuban for saying what everyone thinks of me "They are scared".