Morale enabled from here on?? Rumors true?

There is a rumor circulating, which i believe derived from the EN forums, that all worlds will soon have morale enabled with no option for a non-morale world.

Is this rumor true, can any one verify this claim? If so, what is the intention of this.

To further this discussion, I would also like to point out that morale worlds now are just a system for abuse in Conquest worlds. Morale drivers, driven by very experienced players are a definite thing now, to land and lock down a siege.
Morale was designed to protect the little guy (or the new guy), from being beaten up by the big guy (or the experience guy). Which I totally get, but now the little guy has open advantages to beat up on the big guy.

If there is any validity to this claim about worlds becoming Morale enabled, this will lose a lot of player base in my opinion unless there is 2 changes to the morale system;

Conquest: Every city in siege, can be attacked with 100% morale regardless of who the driver is.
Conquest/Revolt: Every WW city can be attacked with 100% morale regardless of who the city owner is.

Sure you can argue "but how is the little guy supposed to grow if they cant protect their own sieges"? Well allow me to retort; This is a team game, use alliance support. Thats how you grow. And look if the little guy is ballsy enough to try take a big guys city, well then you should learn to chew what you bite off.
And as for the WW cities, if you are a little guy or inexperienced, well i'm sorry but you should just not be on a WW island if this change concerns you.

These 2 changes, regardless of if these rumors are true or not, will stop the abuse of the morale system, and return the very purpose of morale back to its original intent.
And force people to fight the good fight, with the only determining factor in play being +/- luck, and the anti timer.