Mobile Browser Issues - A Work Around Fix.


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For mobile browser players who are having issues since the last game update this week.

Here is a way to work round the issue, this was originally posted on the EN forums.

Open Grepolis.

Tap and hold the reload button - A new button request desktop site will pop up.

Tap on it (after refresh it will open the new world selection window, so you’ll need to tap on back to
get back to your world)

All buttons should work, but you have to repeat this process all over again for every login.

Please note it works but it's not perfect.


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Update taken from the EN Forum.

Hi guys,

For clarity, the issues relating to touch responsiveness has been reported, however, to be clear, this is not a supported function of the game. We don't officially support touch displays within the browser version of the game. @molinillo's suggestion is a good one, and seems to mostly resolve the issues. Our developers will of course look in to this, but I'm not going to promise a time scale on a fix, as this is not a bug. The fact the functionality did work and now doesn't is an unintended side affect, and is likely due to one of the technical dependencies we updated. As I say, I'm not saying it won't be fixed, but I will say it isn't technically a bug.

The revolt button being missing on iPad should be cache based. We had a few reports of similar issues on browser, but clearing cache fixed the issue for most players.



That's really a shame. The fact is, INNO knows that some players play this way, and they know they are losing players, so they should be doing everything they can to keep the players they have. There's really no reason for them to not fix this, other than that they simply don't care about their players.