Milestones. Help!



I'm trying my best with the Milestones thread.
But you MUST post. I've had to take my best guess several times.
(And that sucks, I hate missing stuff.)

I've never done Milestones before, and it is a great challenge with real life and playing the game.
(I'm trying to save my 'repeat post' in that thread for a true 'yell out' to the Pi community.)

So... if you do something, even something 'that's MAD!' like a Crazy Ivan... give a shout!
Look at the thread, and take note!
If you see something, somebody accomplished, give a shout! POST!

Get yours, or a friend, or a mortal enemy posted! It's all red! Kinda cool!

Once posted, you got it FOREVER. You are a PI hero, or misfit. And that's the whole idea of Milestones!
(and if anyone can get only two cities with both 2250 or less... that's a true Crazy Ivan.)