Meme Time


G.O.M. = Klum


Mega you really have no clue do you? LMAO.. Rumor has it G.O.M is AD.. and G.O.M has not played his account in like 3 years. Rumor also has it G.O.M took over my account to bring it out of retirement.. The world will never know.
Dusty - yeah, maybe I have no clue... or maybe you’re being leveled.

Regardless, what does ring true in your post is the rampant account sharing by your crew.

Apropos of your Freudian slip, here’s another Athenakins meme.



Wow it must be truly boring in Golgi. No posts of silly attacks. No posts of boasting who will win or a "big surprise". While I find you to have a grinding antagonistic personality Mega, I did at least enjoy our fights in Eubea. They were fun for sure. I won some and I lost some but they were good strategic, cat and mouse battle tactics being used. Though I will not single anyone out, I will say that anytime I hear of players gaming the system building multiple accounts, it is truly disheartening. I have had one and only one stupid account with a terrible name throughout my Grepo life. Why people make up things like "cousins" and other non-sense is beyond me. The only world I was in that I saw that practice we lost and frankly I'm glad. We lost to a group that better prepared for the domination rules / ring than we did and though we were beating their collective arses every week until dom started, they had just over 40% of the circle while we (mostly dom rookies), had 38.3%. They hit the button and won despite being in full retreat. I congratulated them on a great early game strategy and for there win. They earned it early not late but still they earned it. Perhaps some better sportsmanship would benefit this game.