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While supporting a teammate he got attack. 84 light ships, I loss 70 biremes, kill 64 light ships but only got 89 battle points. My teammate got the other 551 battle points. I need to know why this happend? Am i missing something? Because this make me not wanting to support anyone. Make no sense at all. If someone has an idea or know something i don't please let me know.
thanks, Traviez0
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Was the attack an allied attack? If the friend was not in the alliance/allied with the attacker and you were, you get reduced BP. What kind of defense did the defender have?

*Not on Rhammus so I can't view report*


I can't view the report rn, but if there was a lot of dlu from another player in the city the BP might've been "leeched". Defensive BP is distributed by percentage pop in the city, so if someone else had a lot of land units there they would get bp from the LS attack even if none of their units died.


I checked it out. It's two warring alliances so no BP %age drop. I don't know what happened but I had a similar thing happen to me on this world. A quest attack of 50 slingers hit me and I only received 5 BP for killing all of them.