Mafia MRA is a failure

To me it looks like Mafias Leadership is trying to win the world by taking in every single player. They can think that their plan will work but it 100% is doomed to fail. I played in Domination beta mode. Their was an alliance that tried to do the exact same thing that Mafia is trying to do now. Let me tell you why that ended up failing. It was a decent alliance at the being with it being number one for 2 weeks at the being of the world but then the Leadership thought that it would be a good idea to take in a lot of players once the alliance reached how much players they could have in one alliance they created another one and then another one. After 2 more alliances were created almost 90% of the good players ended up leaving the alliance and creating one of their own within weeks all 6 alliances were eaten by the alliance that the good players had created. It seems like that is happening now to Mafia. But they do have time to change that if they get ride of two of the alliances they have now and stick with just two allainces. They can either create an alliance of just good players and eat the bad players or they can eat the small players.
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heres another thing that mafia leadership is GREAT at. internals. they divide them up amongst the leaders and send their leveled up helenas to grow, and send the maxed nukes that they hang onto and rarely use to actually help hit us with, to an internal they kicked that cant fight back (their source of BP!)

and the only way ive seen them, and know this, is because of the incoming attacks when i take their own cities from them because apparently, in en, they dont believe in tripwires LOL and im sneaking these internals that they have so promptly divided up amongst themselves about, eh, 11 hours too late and i walk in to 10 and 12k cities in their core... just as theyre beginning to start launching their revolts on it.

ive got a helena too. i just havent even had to use her

i thought us was like 5-6 hours behind .en ? lol.... and here we are lightyears ahead
ladies and gents you have witnesses the DEATH of the mass recruit and internalize strategy in domination.

with my friends, mafias real killers, having left to lead themselves. mafia = food

steve can u make me a cool macho man randy savage grepolis meme somehow u can tie it together, and who makes sigs still i had a charl but i think he gone :(
LOL well lemme tell you what brother in my hulk hogan voice

an alliance is like a chain. it's only as strong as its weakest link. you can add 100 links to it but it's more important what the links are made of than how many you have

quality over quantity, (again): the story of this server.