Looking for an Alliance


Yup, what the title says.

I was a leader in the #1 alliance in Chi and Ephesus, however I quit both of those worlds because they didn't interest me. Feel free to check my grepostats for Chi/Ephesus and any other worlds I've been on. I'm the 8th attacker in this world (hahaha) and I'm smack in the middle of O54.
I'll join any alliance with good leadership, good experience, and good communication.


We are strong here at The Image. We are experienced, We have good leadership... I think lol. The only thing that is slow which has some explanation is the activity in forums and the amount of people here that don't have Skype only a few do. I'm sure it is because BP hasn't ended so nothing to really rush upon but we do have some fun things since not many big attack plan or war's have come up yet. But the activity is ok still. We are looking for players with your level of leadership maybe as an attacking coordinator even though I usually handle that stuff it would be good to have somebody more specialized for those things. If you are interested let me know. We are also looking for those offensive and BP go getter players. I think you are what I am looking for. Thanks.

-The Guy With A Name