Looking for an alliance change, try UPG.


We're a new alliance, but I believe with good organization, and players that believe in our cause, we will grow into one of the biggest alliances in Grepolis.

UPG was created out of frustration with the strict rules, and demands placed on players in other alliances. The idea was to create an alliance where every player is free and equal. We have no points or BP requirements. You don't have to be active. Come and go as you like, we will always welcome you back into the UPG community.

For the sake of organization, faster response, and better communication, we will be divided into smaller groups. As more players join us, we will open more groups. Anyone can run for group leaders, and we will have elections once a month. We will also have an election for president of UPG, which anyone can run as a candidate as well. images.jpg.ucg.jpghttp://us.grepolis.com/invite-1389261-us34?invitation_id=285968&invitation_mac=62e2f034&ref=player_invite_to_ally
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I'd say good luck, but with this 'don't have to be active' and 'come and go as you please' business...


Yeah, you're screwed. Have fun though! =]


The alliances with the 'strict' rules and requirements are the ones that last. Why? Because the point of an alliance is to take a group and guide them, pushing the players to succeed as a group.

The idea of having an alliance like a modern age developed country is cute and all, but unfortunately its doomed to fall on Grepolis. Look forward to being farmed <3


These people will be my new farms :). Anyone else want some bp?
If I was guiding the Alliance you wouldn't be doing too much farming, kylehob. Nor would you be getting much in the way of bp. *grin* But trying to guide the Alliance that was handed down to me is like trying to herd cats! Now I'm trying to give it away...but so far no takers. :'(

(Where is a crying icon when you need it?)