Alaska for sure then...no, maybe New York. You get up around 9 to start the servers most times, so deff. EST. I'm going to guess NY or Florida.


You would hope, but as I see it, only American advertising will keep it predominantly US. Anyone can play on the server in reality.

Then again, our youth as the US server distinguishes us as well, because we have less overall experience in our players.


I'm not from the US - as are a lot of players here. Especially on .en Alpha, there were a lot of European/Asian players and very few American players. On top of that, most of the American players didn't have much of a chance when they faced an European player with 2+ years experience.

Now, though, it is starting to flatten out a bit, and I think there will be more Americans than 'foreigners' on the future servers - if there aren't already.

But, as you all promote America, 'land of opportunity and cultures', I think the US servers represent that quite well.


Bloomington, Minnesota is a wonderful municipality.

Except, we're a town of 85,000 and we have no downtown!


It's actually a lot easier to have people from lots of different countries in your alliance, in Kappa my 'squad' is from all over the world, and the country, makes it a lot easier, while one sleeps, another is awake ;-)