Light Ship attacks appearing as Land Attacks


I was logged in today as usual in world Helike when I received an attack from an enemy who my alliance has been at war with for a few weeks now. Nothing was out of the ordinary, we attack each other a lot, both flyers and LS so when I saw a land attack incoming at my city I wasn't concerned. I enacted militia and logged out.

After a few hours, I knew the attack was landing soon, so I logged back in to make sure I had militia ready and my resources in the market, and decided against dodging my LS that were in the city, simply because everything from the "movements" overview on browser indicated it was a land attack and the Administrator troops overview had also listed it as a land attack, even the icon were spears and not the ship. I'm sure everybody can infer at this point that the attack was in fact LS and I lost over 300 of my own LS, and I'm really trying to get to the bottom of this issue and whether or not it is a bug.

I want to know if anybody has had this issue before or if a developer can give me answers on whether this is a bug being fixed etc or if I am overlooking something simple, either way, I really think something bugged and maybe these command overviews should be evaluated if at all possible. I wish I had more images other than the above from my experience. Anyways, back off to my world speed 1 where I'll be building LS for the next 3 days unfortunately.