Lex vs. Salami&friends


Saying that I didn't do anything just shows how little activity you had in the alliance alone lmao. Thanks for proving my point

please quote the part where I said you didnt do anything
by "you" i meant LEX stop thinking you are that special. you should relax and calm down on the bashing and try to read what I am saying before you jump to conclusions. Its obvious we are bashing eachother but lets at least take what each other is saying into consideration.


if I recall correctly the only thing you did in the discord was talk about internals and I'm not really about that.

Heres your quote bud, basically implying I did nothing.

You can't lead chickens without heads

Guess what, you are right! You cannot lead losers without loyalty or team play either so guess you might be shit out of luck in the future


This thread was definitely a good idea to get some activity


I feel like I need to rename the thread somehow, I don't know what to name it tho..
any ideas?


I think it should be named something after Zeeker to be honest. Almost everyone has moved on from me leaving LEX. All I wanted was a little bit of space. This guy still makes posts about me in other threads. He is like an annoying ex girlfriend.