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I am not avoiding. This matter is beneath me! Those who know me, know I am telling the truth, for the most part.:) I am no longer indulging the subject. I have sent and had confirmed by some of my members as there were questions to the validity of my claim! That is all that matters to me!!!

And those who don't know you this sounds like one massive lie... What's the point of getting it confirmed if not showing it to those who question it?


Thank you King for spelling it out to him. Tis, you told ME those things - prove it to ME or forever be a liar. I knew you were fos which is why I left your alliance (without a PM-waaaaa) and now everyone in Lambda Chatter gets to see it too. :)


IC - Exactly what I was thinking. Letting members in that carry along baggage is dangerous enough to your alliance, lieing to their face and facing full out rebellion against your own alliance and pact alliances is even more dangerous...

DarkenShroud F.Y.A.D. 2013-06-20 08:33

You screwed over a entire alliance in Mu kicking out all of their members and screwing them over. Your harsh when it comes to many members here, saying behind their backs that people don't do enough. You approach things the totally wrong way, and you called me a coward in your last message to me, when frankly I have done nothing but clear this ocean out for our members to be safe and have good cities to raid and eventually take over. I have been here for everyone, and will continue to do so from my seat in the FYAD. I have a new co leader now from Pardus/World of Tanks where I'm from before coming to play here. I left cuz I wanted to make our alliance in Pardus in Grepolis the FYAD which stands for !@#$%^&*( you and die !!!

We are a strong tight knit group their who has worked for both the Federation and the Empire. Fighting in the past 3 wars together, I consider him one of my closest friends. I was not gonna ask the alliance to make him a Co leader cuz he did just join. So I took a break and made my own alliance so I could enjoy his company and talk like we used to. In the future please do not message me in private putting me down and calling me names when I don't deserve it. Back off of me please, and simply ignore my presence. I am here to help my family in bazaar tactics / Bazaar influence. I have no interest in running things as you put it in pm, however I will always help the members of the Bazaar alliances when they need me short of you. When you go and screw over a entire alliance in Mu kicking out all their members, then proceed to call me names in pm and talk down to me. You lose the right to be my friend, and lose my respect completely. I appreciated being made a leader without asking me first, when I expressed multiple times I didn't want leadership. Yet you thrust all your responsibilites on me cuz of your real life. Without even asking me, you just assumed I would say ok np. If your gonna be a true leader, you need to learn to cater to your members and how to approach them. Also you need to learn to suck it up when you don't get your way and not throw a fit and screw whole alliances over. If ya don't want me as a pact member honestly I can care less. Its what Razor, Barbe, and the rest of the alliance wants that matters to me. Not you. To think otherwise is greedy and far to controlling of real people here who play this game. Its not just about you, its about the alliance. Frankly your ego is making me abit uncomfortable, and I ask that you please quit harrasing me. If you don't I will simply detach myself from your alliance, and those who wish to follow can feel free to join me in mine. I respect my fellows, and I don't go around barking orders and talking crap behind my members backs. I say how I feel out in the open to everyone like here. Good luck in your gaming experience and please back off. I don't need the headaches and name calling you bring to the table.
PersianKing 2013-06-20 09:34

Here is the real reason you left our alliance:

Just thought I'd let you know, I'm back in Bazaar Tactics, I see you've pretty much taken over, creating Pact with the Stoners, who were smack talking with me through PM, not happy about that, but I'll leave it in place...for now. For future references, if you chose to fly a flag of your own, then you are only entitled to make leadership decisions for those who fly your flag...not mine.
I think you took the cowards way, to be honest. You left because of me because of something you disagreed with...rather than approach me and talk to me like a man, you quit the alliance so that you weren't obligated to follow any instructions or orders by me. That's your freedom and your right...I just want you to know though, I did respect you, and you could have talked anything out with me. I'll keep our pact in place with you as well, because I respect what you are doing as far as assisting our members and playing as a team. You should talk to me. True, you are flying your own flag, but you are still one of play like you are one of what will it take for you to give me the same respect I give you, and take up our flag again? Let's you and me settle this.
PersianKing on 2013-06-16 at 19:50
You know what, that's some bs DS...truly it is. Doesn't matter though, I'm leaving the alliance as well. I've already made arrangements for someone within the alliance to capture and conquer my city...will take a few days. So you can come on back if you like...I know I'm the reason you left, because of the way I'm trying to run things. That's okay, I'm leaving and all of you can run it anyway you like. It was fun while it lasted, real life is calling me away though. Happy hunting DS.
DarkenShroud on 2013-06-16 at 19:25
Nothing against you your a really cool dude, but right now I'm just not down for leadership. I really didn't want leadership to begin with though I love the alliance and will always help her members when I can. I think I need a break and to just be on my own for awhile. So don't think me leaving has anything to do with any sort of drama. I just want a nice quiet life here, and would rather be a hermit. Much respect and love to you all, and always feel free to ask any advice and blah. Will miss ya'll but I need to relax abit and get things into perspective.
DarkenShroud on 2013-06-16 at 19:07
We don't we tell him its gonna be like that and if he wants to stay he wants to stay? Upto you if you want to let him loose though
PersianKing on 2013-06-16 at 19:06
someone needs to establish a branch in Ocean 45 then. He will be a target by himself out will we defend him?
DarkenShroud on 2013-06-16 at 19:04
Why get rid of good talent and send people out on their own? We always can use forward posistions and good players? He sent me a message asking to get back in and he was being kicked from all the alliances. I felt bad and let him in. Hes a valuble player?
PersianKing on 2013-06-16 at 18:24
DS...I purposely ejected everyone who was not in Oceans 35 and 36 from this Alliance for a reason. When we had several players with us who resided in Ocean 45, where GROMAL is, I asked all of them through personal mail and in the forums for someone to step up to the plate and found another branch to link through our forums as our other alliances are. I have made you a leader because you are a good player, and you are a good leader. However, you have allowed a member to rejoin after it is clear if you look at the overview that I was the one who ejected him. Who's alliance is this DS? He is of no benefit to keep with us, and he is unable to be supported by any of us if he comes under attack. I'm not happy right now that you brought him back against my wishes.

This is a copy of PM and what DarkenShroud Posted in my alliance forum. Bringing drama from Mu to Lambda, even though if it weren't for me he would not even be in NWO, who is a crap alliance but who he has switched loyalties to, even though he came to Mu at my invite, because he was one of my original members in Bazaar Tactics. Now though, like I said, bringing drama to Lambda because of the Milestone accomplishment I achieved in Mu...and now inviting my members to join his alliance? Angry with me in Lambda because I ejected players from Ocean 45 because our core is Ocean 34 & 35, and also ejected players who were inactive, to strengthen and motivate the players we have that ARE active, and close enough to one another in our cores to lend offensive and defensive support. He doesn't want to lead, he whines...first one to reach 2000 ABP...posting and orchestrating attacks all over the place in our forums, a good thing, right? And PO'd because I saw fit to promote him? Really? My opinion? This guy is Dr. Jeckal and Mr. Hyde, as Bi-Polar and Neurotic as they come. Go ahead and launch your propaganda against me DarkenShroud. You are a snake, as untrustworthy as they come. I average over 40 hours a week playing Grepolis, and you accuse me of shirking my responsibilities onto someone else, (poor you, right?) Whatever man...go back to playing your "War Tanks", I've got zero respect for you here, and after everyone sees how you went onto my forums and tried to influence my players to abandon Bazaar Tactics, Bazaar Influence, Bazaar Coalition, and Bazaar Front to join your alliance, well, I'd be surprised if anyone spoke up and said that you are in the right for doing that, or if anyone would take sides with you because I trimmed down my members to make us a better alliance or even that I lashed out at an MRA on another server and gave them a blow to the dome by ejecting all of their players in an Academy alliance with Founder Rights. I never did indicate that I would work for NWO, I owed them nothing...Tomas drug me into that, and it really did not concern was not your business or your place to cop an attitude with me for doing what I did.


He reminds of Sheridan from Alpha. He always wrote an essay for an answer that only required a sentence :rolleyes: (BTW, that's not an insult, Sheridan ran one of the best alliances I've ever seen).