ladon's attacking bonus - need explanation to be clear...


Based on this explanation in the wiki.

Attacking targets with higher population than the combined population of all Ladons, increases all Ladon’s offensive power in this attack. For every 10 population difference, Ladon’s offensive power increase by 30% (up to 150%). Additionally, all other units in this attack gain 1% attack power per Ladon (up to 10%; this does not stack with Ladon’s offensive power increase).

(Must worship Ares and must have a temple level 15, and a Barracks level 20)

So the question is pretty straight forward. How does Grepolis define a "targets" population in regarding the city they are attacking?

In general, players refer to "pop" or "population" as what is determine by the local city which of course is defined by farm level, baths, etc...

Is that how the term "target's population" is used in this calculation for Ladons?


Is the "targets population" are you meaning to say "total number of land units, both local that from support, in the city being attacked"?