Kawoni - Advisor

Real Name: Kawoni

Age: Old

Location: United States

Grepolis job: In Game Moderator

Favorite Animal: The Wolf

Favorite Alcohol: Margarita, Red Beer.

Favorite Normal Drink: Cherry Dr. Pepper

Interests: My Culture, Beading, Reading, Family, Friends, Hand drumming, Native Ceremonies.

Favorite Music: I listen to just about every type of music

Favorite Movie: E.T., Shawshank redemption, The Green Mile, Faster, El Camino, Smoke Signals, and many more.

Favorite Series: SOA (Sons of Anarchy)

Cannot Live Without: Family

Dont like: Ticks

Favorite Quote: "He who stands on toilet gets high on pot" and "Stop telling lies about me and I will stop telling the truth about you"

I really dont like doing these things as I feel like I am signing up for a dating site or something and I just want to say "I like long walks on the beach, candle light dinners and things that sparkle" LOL


I thought it said community manager a few minutes ago?
My mistake that was crimson... Congrats on advisor

Lord Gruntie

Excellent, shall I change your title on the thread for you?


Good to see your still active kawoni, sorry i havent been around any, but had lots of things going on, hope to talk soon.